patty » Hello Krystal. I looked up your link for the snowman door greeter and it says its no longer available. can you help please. would make great christmas presnts. thank you patty
Little Cakes »
Beverlydupey@yahoo.c » I was crocheting your pumpkin patch hat found in crochet today Sep issue.just need a couple rows to finish. Lost book Help! Can You?
Beverlydupey@yahoo.c » I was crocheting your pumpkin patch hat found in crochet today Sep issue.just need a couple rows to finish. Lost book Help! Can You?
Pam » I love the top you made in the tea leaf color. Do you have a copy of the pattern I may use? Please email me at Its awesome!
Pam » I love the top you made in the tea leaf color. Do you have a copy of the pattern I may use? Please email me at Its awesome!
Krystal » Hi Claire, thanks for stopping in!
Claire » hello
Krystal » Hi Noori!
Noori » U there Krystal?
Noori » heya
Krystal » that is such a cute name!!!
Krystal » that is such a cute name!!!
mousepaw » i have a ferret named icee
Krystal » Phill...YOU FREAK!! Love ya!
Phill » krystal!
Phill » im hawt
Phill » im hawt
Krystal » Hey Riohnna!!!! Yeah, its workin'! Thanks for stopping in!!! Great to 'see' you!
Riohnna » is this working?
Riohnna » ciao,,,,,,?
Krystal » Eliea...Keep us posted on Saffire's Progress. I hope everything works out for you!
Eliea » So That is why I'm going to start selling some of my handcrafted jewelry and such. I figure I can get the money fairly quickly and in time. Thanks so much!
Eliea » Hi Kyrstal, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. Unfortunetly right now we can't afford a cent towards Saffire's Surgery. I do appreciate you help though!
Krystal » Hi there! So glad you did stop in to say Hello!
country bumpkin » hi, I'm country bumpkin and I live in Winfield, Tn so we are neighbors in a way. I'm not quiet sure of the distance bewteen us but i still wanted to say hello. Have a blessed day.
orgusepeti » hello good day
KENNY » Ok, things are looking sharp. Keep up the good work and feel free to holler at your ole friend when you get a chance--yahoo. Hugs, Kenny
Jeannie aka loopy1 » Love the jacket even if it isn't finished! And the Circle Jacket! the purse! Lots of things!
Jeannie aka loopy1 » Thanks for visiting my blog & the compliment on my crinoline. I finished a 2nd one that I gave away in the doily swap that will be featured in the next Crochet Memories newsletter! Look in Show n Tell
Krystal » Jacey...I bought the pattern from!
jacey » Do you have the pattern for the cute blue bag? It looks like fun
thatcrochetguy » Microspun would work fine. Just measure as you go.
Krystal » Thanks Ken for visiting me!!! I also left another message on your blog about this top!
thatcrochetguy » Hi Krystal, Thanks for the compliment on that Lzcy Days of summer Top. Just so you know, I didn't use the recommended yarn & hook. Lustre Sheen is too thin & expensive for me.
Krystal » Oh thank you svetlana for the info! I'll go check it out!!!
Svetlana » Krystal, if you want to buy Debbie Bliss Cotton Dk for that Drops circle jacket check out, she had it on sale. Or KnitPicks Shine worsted would work out just as well.
Krystal » Hi KnicKnac! So glad you stopped in! I had to do some remodeling here to give it a new look for spring!
KnicKnac » Hiya Krystal, just making a visit! Thanks for always being there for me! I just LOVE the new look!
Krystal » Hiya KnicKnac!! Thanks for stopping by!!!
KnicKnac » WOOT! Just checking in Krystal! Your stitch markers are awesome! And I gotta say your BICO is totally cool!
Krystal » Thank you Eliea! Learning Knitting is really fun!
Eliea » Your blog it's really cute. I'm a newbie knitter too.
Krystal » Thanks Kenny! Your a sweetheart for saying so!
Cardinal Fan » hello Krsytal. Just wanted to say you do awesome work. Keep it up...
KnicKnac » Hi Krystal! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your knitting!!! How cool is that??? Have a great day!
Krystal » That was fun Naida!
naida » Hi Krystal thanks for playing tag I'm a book hoarder too!
Krystal » Hiya Naida!!! So glad you stopped in!!! And sure...i'll play along!
naida » hi Krystla, I found your blog thru crochet club. its very cute! tag, youre it. see my blog if u want to play along.
Krystal » Thanks Riohnna! It is one of my favs too!
Riohnna » I love the Dragonfly Afghan!!
Krystal » Katt...The link is listed in the post. Thanks for stopping by!!
katt » love your things - where can i get the blue crochet slipper pattern? thanks
Krystal » Glad you stopped by KnicKnac...and yeah, i've been remodeling the house here so to speak! *LOL*
KnicKnac » Well, look how fancy smancy your blog is!!! It's so bright and colorful! Good job!
Krystal » Jennifer, this is the afghan from Annies Attic. Follow this link: d_id=18627
Jennifer » I saw a picture of the dragonfly afghan you did. I love it. Where did you find the pattern? I am interested in purchasing it for myself. My sister collects dragonflies.
Krystal » Thank you Ann! Isn't the dress just so darling? I loved making it!!!
Ann » Hi Krystal..Great Blog! It's a small world..I'm working on the baby dress you finished in Red to give it a Christmasy look..Love that pattern book. The duster looks good too. Peace
Krystal » Yes, I've been a busy little bee! Thanks for stopping back by and visiting me again KnicKnac!!!
KnicKnac » Hey girlie girl! Thanks for visiting! Look at your blog! You changed this around too!!!
Krystal » ...........
KnicKnac » Thanks so much for visiting my Blog! You have got a nice one here yourself!!!
Krystal » Sorry Lynae. I haven't come across any patterns myself. I sure would like to find some to make for our 2 ferrets
LyNae Shelvay » Sorry.. I wanted sweater patterns for our ferrets.. thanks
LyNae Shelvay » do you have any ferret patterns?? my husband would like me to make two for our ferrets. please e-mail me at if you could give me any help!?
Krystal » *LOL* Thank you for visiting! I have many WIPS going and hope to get them finished to post more pics soon!
vigilant20 » I came, I saw, and I drooled! lol In fact, I may have to update my to-do list after seeing some of your projects.
Krystal » Thank you Sandy! I've sent you an email!
Sandy » Hi, love your work. I would like to talk to you. would you please email me at Thanks....Sandy from Canada
Krystal » Thanks Angie.....It was super easy to make too. Its one of Dot's lovely patterns from Crochetville.
angie » Hya Krystal...i just love the hat its gorgeous!!
Krystal » Thanks Debbie. That was a really qick project. I wanted to make something to model on my new heads. *LOL*
Debbie » hi Krystal, nice blog. i love the hat and what a great model you have.
Krystal » Hmmm...Sals, this little chat box was automatically put onto my page. Must be an added extra that gives. I dunno, I didn't put it here myself.
Krystal » Hey everbody!! Thanks Kelly! My mom was thrilled with the girl doily. I made it for her! She was excited!
sals » how did you get this box i have a small comment bit at the bottom of my blog for ppl to reply. so tiny.
Tooee » Wow Krystal! this is super! Might have to hire you to make a blog for me...LOL
Krystal » Thanks Sals....I've been working off and on with it for a about 2 wks now. I have lots I'd love to get done here...whenever I find the time.
Sals » wow krystal you have done a great job with your blog. love it. i had problems finding out how to set my page up. love the pics too. well done
Angie » yes you are LOL
Krystal » Thanks Angie! Now i'm somebody!!! Woohoo!!
Angie » Wow Your own Blog, Exellent Krystal, glad you did it