Entry: Last F.O. of 2007---What a year! Monday, December 31, 2007

Howdy peeps! In a few short hours 2007 will be history! Let me be the first to break out a little bit of the bubbly and celebrate!! I dont know about you, but this hooker has been busy in '07.

I hope '08 brings many more F.O.'s to my folder as well as yours!!

.......So without further ado, I leave you with my last F.O. of 2007. Rock On!!!

This thread Butterfly will be attached to a macrame ring
and used as a dream catcher. Check back for the final
completed pic with the ring


February 19, 2010   10:58 PM PST
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January 13, 2008   10:46 AM PST
Hi Kate and Thank you for the compliment.. It will be attached to a brass macrame ring at each of the 4 points on the wings. But First, I'll need to stiffen it just a touch to get it to hold a nice firm shape.

Check back to see it finished!

January 13, 2008   07:14 AM PST
That is really beautiful. How are you going to keep it taut, do you think?

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